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Coaching is NOT therapy...but it can help you to move forward

If you're going through a life transition and considering reaching out for professional help, life coaching can be a rewarding option. However, be mindful of the differences between coaching and psychological therapy. A coach must navigate these responsibly. Coaching is NOT a replacement for OR psychological treatment. Here are some key similarities, yet important distinctions:
Coaching can be therapeutic and healing, but it is not psychological treatment.Coaching uses positive psychology; it also takes elements from psychology, such as behaviorism.Coaching focuses on the present and moving forward and does not, unlike psychology, dwell in the past.Coaching can look at patterns. Although the goal is not to analyze these, but rather, to acknowledge them and shift toward changing them.Coaching can help people stay accountable by setting SMART goals and moving into action.Coaching helps people change perspective and therefore shift their behavior.Coaching does help people to look at t…

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