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To all the Doubters

To all the doubters of Christine Blasey Ford: when you are raped or physically assaulted, whether you’re 5, 15, or 50 years old, unless the perpetrator is a complete masked stranger, and you say you know exactly who they are and what they’ve done to you, then there is no doubt.
I repeat: If you say you know, then you know. In fact, you cannot UNknow.
When I was nine years old, a male classmate I’ll call B, poked me in the crotch. It happened suddenly. I remember the purposefulness with which he swiftly jabbed his finger into my crotch and pressed. We were alone in our empty classroom while classmates moved desks to the gym for upcoming exams. Our teacher was in the hallway overseeing the shuffle, so for a brief time, we were unsupervised. This boy preyed upon me. Shocked, I couldn’t find the words to express my feelings at that moment.
That night, I found the words. I told my parents. They spoke with our teacher. There was a meeting with B’s parents. They were upset, and they even ques…

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