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I Complete Me

“You complete me,” sighed Dorothy, collapsing into the arms of her date, Jerry Maguire, in the popular 1996 romantic comedy film. Did those three words push women two steps back?
In fact, that false phrase reversed the forward movement of both sexes who were sold a bill of goods around the nature of healthy interdependence in a couple relationship.
The film’s main character, Dorothy Boyd, played by Renee Zellweger, falls in love with Jerry (Tom Cruise) as they try to make his business venture work. As the film develops we watch Dorothy question herself. Is she good enough for Jerry? Like all women—and men—Dorothy is complete. She is enough.
Early social grooming conditions women to accept that they are incomplete without a requisite man. Then biology tricks her into feeling incomplete without his children. An entire patriarchal system sets her up to feel not quite good enough and insufficient if she hasn’t fulfilled society’s expectations (mandate) of her: wifedom and motherhood.
The fu…

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