Monday, November 15, 2010

Transitioning Through Change

"Changing to face the strange..." This song aptly describes a process that evokes many feelings in us around life transitions. When we encounter change, we encounter strangeness and face a whole host of emotions. Transition is an amazing journey. It's that point between the familiar and the strange. We're caught in a netherworld, neither here nor there, but somewhere in-between that feels so new and so uncomfortable that it might feel painful. It brings me back to my little child within who faced so much newness once upon a time. She may have had the safety of her mother's skirt to hide behind. Or maybe she was thrust into that change so fast and furiously that the safe haven was whatever space she could create for herself. We learn to adapt in the face of change--such is our resiliency as humans.

We're constantly transitioning through change, negotiating and navigating that unchartered territory of a life journey. We come out on the other side, wiser and hopefully better as we may realize how that change helped us to grow. I believe that there can be no personal growth without it.

How do you deal with change? Is it scary? Do you embrace it? Is it dependent upon whether that change is your choice?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Coincidence, Happenstance or Maybe the Natural Order of Things

Have you ever thought about a friend you haven't seen in awhile and then the phone rings and it's her? Or you receive e-mail from someone who crossed your mind. Have you ever been in the process of making a decision and then noticed how all the pieces just fall into place around making that decision?

I believe there are no accidents in life. Nor do I believe that these events are unrelated and coincidental. I think that something greater is at play in these instances, some guiding force helping us along a chosen path. I simply need to be open to the possibilities and let myself see the signs. When life unfolds according to the natural order of things, it is not me rigging the outcomes. Rather, I am allowing the development of a process that is neither coincidence nor happenstance. And then I notice the synergy. This can ultimately be reassuring as I just let myself go with it and trust that every thing works out for a greater good.