Tuesday, March 29, 2011


"I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I thank you. And I love you." These four-phrases form a powerful mantra, that when repeated for several minutes each day, provides a cleansing that opens our energies and helps us to overcome resentment, pain and past hurts. Based on the teachings of Dr. I. Hew Len, this affirming string of simple sentences is wonderfully healing, bringing us back to zero as we take 100% responsibility and make amends...

I'd love to hear back from any of my readers who try this.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Creating from what we know

Do you ever watch a riveting film or read an engaging book or otherwise enjoy any great work and wonder: "Where did that inspiration come from?" At the same time you may be thinking about how that writer, painter, or artist captured the essence of something deep within you. Well, the secret is that artists create from what they know.

My friend and fellow blogger Claudia Del Balso's recent post about writing from pain relates to this notion. Great symphonies can elicit guttural reactions as they reach into us with a poignancy that draws out our innermost feelings. We can see the rawness of Van Gogh's pain in his paintings. The film Incendie is a moving tale. Although not based on a true story, it's an ingenious depiction of someone's reality, even if it's pieced together and woven with threads from different real stories. Creative works usually arise out of a place of knowing, of the known--be that pleasure or pain.

As writers, we write from what we know. For example, over the years, I went on many fishing excursions with family and friends, finally realizing a disinterest in the sport as I turned vegetarian. But those years of hooking worms, getting snagged and patiently awaiting a bite were not lost as I parlayed all that experience into a play about fishing and used it to communicate some important social values around misogyny. It was a wholly cathartic piece of writing, playing with a specific genre in order to express personally meaningful issues, and within the context of fishing, no less!

What do you find yourself creating from what you know?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

And the lucky winner is...

Congratulations to Vasilios whose name was drawn from the toe of a striped sock today. You are the lucky winner of one quarter pound of balloons! May you enjoy filling them with water and throwing them at passing buses! Thank you to everyone who took the time to celebrate One Word Pundit's 1st Anniversary with your shares and comments.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Is Happy the New Buzz Word?

Don't worry, be happy! If I had a dime for every time I heard that line that when I was in Jamaica some years back, I'd be rich--and happy! It's such a simple statement. It rolls off our tongues like some platitude. We try to believe it. When we hear that song, we think of the likes of Bob Marley basking in the sunshine on some beach, reggae music blasting in the background. What's not to be happy about? Here we shiver and shovel, then complain as more snow falls. I have a dear friend (she shall remain nameless) who reminds me weekly about how much she hates the snow. I cringe thinking about what she'd do with a shovel if I suddenly blurted: "Don't worry, be happy!"

Is "Happy" the new buzz word? In recent years, there has been a deluge of articles written about happiness and being happy. Relationship gurus spout about the importance of happiness within the self and how that reflects on our significant relationships. A whole spate of writing exists out there to remind us about the nature of happiness...as if that is not reason enough to make us unhappy. Why all this focus on happiness anyway? Why care if those endorphins are coursing through us, keeping us smiling? I think pigs have it right: they sit in IT and they're still happy.

So yes, it really is that simple: stop worrying for you cannot change the event that has not yet occurred and that you are worrying about, and just be happy about what you do have. I like to say, "Fake it until you make it." It's not always an easy task to plaster a smile on your face and face the world. But then again, it is a catch-22. What you put out there, you get back. You smile at the universe and it smiles on you. It IS that simple.

Don't worry, just be happy!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary One Word Pundit!

It has been a year since One Word Pundit joined Blogland and it's been a wonderful year of posting!

Come celebrate with us! Here's how...
- Share your favorite blog post from this past year
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Your name will be put into a draw for 1/4 pound of balloons.

Happy Anniversary One Word Pundit!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Necessary Losses

Have you ever had to lose something in order to gain something else? Perhaps you left a job in order to gain a career, or let your child grow and go, gaining an adult but experiencing the loss of an empty nest. Perhaps it was more profound, such as a life change.

Change often involves a loss and usually involves a gain. That gain might not be immediate. And how we wish it was! It requires that we let go. Sometimes, even when they are not serving us well, we hold steadfastly to our ideals, our goals, our dreams just so we don't have to experience the pain of loss. Life circumstances might force our hand, making us take that risk, break out of our comfort zone and cut loose, creating a necessary loss. And in the end, a greater good prevails.

Judith Viorst explores this very deep reality of the human condition in her book Necessary Losses. Her best-selling classic on love, loss and letting go helps one to put into perspective, what living through inevitable change is all about.