Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, look at all the junk there is!! Spring is a time of cleansing and renewal. Perhaps we have come to associate spring with cleaning and clearing: decluttering, ripping down curtains and washing walls, sometimes even repainting, and certainly repairing. It can be a time of renovation. It's certainly a time of innovation. By this I mean self-innovation or self-renewal. We take down the inner curtains and paint the interior of our souls, repairing and renovating ourselves as we declutter our lives.

We have awakened to the myriad of possibilities after a long winter solstice. We come out of hibernation to meet our new and energetic selves, the ones that lay dormant beneath the snow like so many creatures. The snow melts, giving way to a gloomy wet soggy tapestry just waiting to be made new by the sunshine and air as a new cycle of nature blooms.

I love spring. I love the chance to start fresh with the budding leaves. I am budding; my soul is about to bloom and burst forth into flower and song.

What does Spring represent for you?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Settling for More

Sometimes less is indeed more, but not always. Today a restaurant waitress asked if the basket of charred toast she set on the table before us, was too burned. It took me all of two seconds to decide I would absolutely not eat burnt toast. It got me thinking about how we sometimes settle and particularly about how we sometimes settle for less.

When it comes to our worth, less is definitely not more. We are more and we deserve more. We deserve better than to settle for a basket of charred toast. In fact, we deserve to have our toast exactly how we want it. It has very little to do with getting what we pay for. This off the beaten track hole in the wall restaurant with decent prices for a full breakfast was highly recommended by a friend living in the area.

Consider this important way of the universe: when we assert ourselves as being worth more, we get more. The universe provides--we need only trust and believe. We need only love ourselves enough.

Do you ever find yourself settling for less--in life, in work or in love? Let's raise a glass of orange juice and make a toast to settling for MORE!