Our Thoughts as Teachers

Think of your thoughts as teachers.... A million thoughts flash through our mind from the moment we awake, to the time we fall asleep. They create our perceptions, form our reality and shape our actions. Teachers can influence how we feel, what we think, our attitudes and ultimately, our lives. We remember those teachers who stand out for something special they brought to us in the form of a learning or a kind word.

So if your thoughts are teachers, what are they teaching you?


  1. I think they teach me that not everything goes as we think! They teach me to inquire deeper! And they also teach me "Don't trust your senses blindly, it's not all gold that glitters!" :)
    Have a great weekend, Kelly!

  2. Hi Jay! You're talking about tampering what your thoughts tell you with some common sense. Inquiring deeper--love that notion of critical thinking you allude to here. Thank you for sharing your insights and enjoy your weekend!


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