Monday, March 26, 2012

Starting Over

At any given time in life you may find yourself facing a life transition. Perhaps it's changing jobs, careers, ending a relationship, returning to school, an empty nest, moving house, or even quitting a habit such as smoking. Or maybe it's a more subtle change such as starting a new exercise program, eating regime, a style change or using a new product or doing something different from your routine. Change and certainly life transition can lead to starting over.

Starting over often involves progressing through some key steps:
  1. Awareness about your current status/situation (comfortable discomfort)
  2. The decision to change that status or situation - Getting out of your comfort zone
  3. A willingness to change, motivated by a deep desire for something more/better/different
  4. Accepting change and what that change entails, either known or unknown...and accepting that!
  5. Taking action or moving forward through change - You're not there yet as you may still want to run back to the known and comfortable
  6. Transforming and pushing past the point of no return - You absolutely know that you cannot go back to what was
A cloudless sky
So you arrive at starting over. What does that look like? What I love about starting over is that I get to start over right where I am. It's not a race, nor a competition. It's a self-motivated, self-driven journey through change. There's no template, but there is a design. That design is based on faith and trust--that this is my journey, the one I am meant to take. I'm choosing a particular road for my journey through transformation. I may stop to rest along the way, decide not to continue along that road, or simply change directions altogether. It's all good. For I can start over at any time, and with new and different resources and insights.

What does starting over represent for you?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

BIG or small?

Upon return from a recent vacation, I had a compelling thought: how small my life is! Something about flying over the ocean, sitting on a beach and spending a week decompressing in a foreign land brought me to the realization that my life is contained. In discussing this with a close friend, her wise words were: "Small is good. Think about all the changes you've made in your life over such a short time."

I did a reality check. Yes, I am home now in what feels like a small life, but is actually big--not because I live large--big because my life fits just right as it grows with me and who I am meant to be. Then I had another thought, which I'll leave you with here...Ask not, Who am I? Ask instead: Who am I meant to be? Then look at your life and simply observe. Are you meant to be BIG or small?