Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not Knowing

I don't know. I just don't know! How often do we simply not know? Not know what's next in our lives, our careers, a relationship, our jobs? Or what we're even going to do today! These days I am feeling steeped in not knowing. And if I over think it, I take myself to that place of fear, worry and insecurity. Yet, there is a pervasive knowing deep down--intuition--that all is well in my world and unfolding as it should and according to a greater plan, not necessarily mine.

My dear coaching professor, James Gavin, delivered a hard truth last year during the first hour of coaching class when he said that all we really have and can count on is this one breath. This much I do know. My own life coach talks about living ten seconds at a time. I know ten seconds, can count it on both hands; it's the time I need to formulate a sentence here. Ten seconds is the embodiment of living in the moment.

So how can I be okay with not knowing? Well... by having faith. A sign on my hallway wall reads: "Faith is being sure of what you hope for." and the rest of the quote goes "and certain of what we do not see." (Hebrews 11:1). I can trust that what I hope for is unfolding in this moment, in this ten-second moment with this one breath I can count on. I may be living in not knowing, but I am most certainly living in faith.

What do you NOT know? And how do you make yourself okay with not knowing?

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Courage to Change

It takes courage to change. Somewhere deep inside that little voice may be giving us millions of reasons and justifications for doing nothing. And sometimes that voice is right. Other times we feel change brewing. We might resist change, we might ignore it, then we get pushed to change. An event, a person, a conversation...we feel compelled to take action. Many times during my life I have found myself standing on that precipice between where I am currently and where I want to be, mustering up the courage and the trust that when I jump, I'll be caught or land softly. And oh, what a view along the way!

Carlee inspired me to write this blogpost
You see, not changing is actually the hardest path because we must face the consequences of our inaction and live with the frustration of that. And so the journey down that new path must be undertaken with small steps and slowly. As difficult as making that small step might be, we are learning beings, constantly in motion and growing. Making a change might feel like we are walking through water, heavy and challenging; other times, effortless, like being moved through air. Our emotions can play here: how we feel might make that step seem difficult or effortless. But we always have the choice to take that step. We always have the opportunity to find our courage to change.

What is the one area of your life where taking a small step would make the biggest impact? How do you get up YOUR courage to change?