Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Twelve Gifts of Self-Coaching

This holiday season use these tools to create instant and sustainable changes in your life. BE your own champion and empower yourself, toward the InfiniteU:
  1. Write it down – Record your thoughts, feelings, ideas, lists, goals—anything—in a dedicated notebook. This makes everything real and if you share it, makes your commitment real too. Post your goals somewhere visible and look at them often.
  2. Ask the question, then be patient – The answer comes when we least expect it. So set the intention and wait without trying to guess or worry about the outcome. Listen and watch.
  3. Promise less then deliver more – To yourself and to others. Give longer deadlines and meet them early. Watch your confidence grow! 
  4. Learn that “No.” is a full sentence – Practice saying “No” and leaving it at that. Make a list of the things you won’t do and who you will say “no” to. 
  5. Own up to your mistakes and learn from them – Take responsibility. Forgive yourself quickly and often. Lighten up: mistakes are life lessons and growth opportunities. 
  6. Adopt a less is more approach – We can do more when we have less time. Do less for more. De-clutter you life and your mind. Master your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses. 
  7. Reach out and connect – We are social creatures. See yourself as connected to the whole and involve and invest yourself fully with others. It’s good for your health to connect.
  8. Replenish yourself – What fills you naturally? Do that. Then do more of that. Take time to just BE. 
  9. Remember: Baby Steps – Break goals down into small manageable steps and tackle them one at a time. You’ll get so much done and you’ll be in action.
  10. Let it go, let it all go – Don’t force situations, solutions, success or anything for that matter. It will all come naturally and eventually. Recognize that everything works out for a reason.
  11. Celebrate yourself – Acknowledge what is whole and good and true about YOU. Then celebrate that. Reward yourself for your achievements every step of the way.
  12. Practice gratitude – Don’t just be grateful, live in gratitude. When you practice being thankful, you get more of what you are grateful for.

Happy Holidays to YOU and yours!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Do you ever regret the past?

Recently my dear friend talked about not entertaining regrets. How amazing that as soon as feelings of regret arise, she is able to quickly dismiss them! This made me look at the nature of regret. I had a flash: while I am doing a particular activity, I am not regretting it. So what is it about later reviewing the time or energy spent and regretting in retrospect? Hmmm... If I adopt the view that all in my life is unfolding as it should, where is the room for regret?

One way to not have any regret is to consciously choose our actions and then step back, letting go of control over the outcomes. Know that living in the moment, you made the best choice at that time. Have you ever heard the phrase: "You never regret the things you do, only the things you haven't done?"

What have you not done, which, if you do, will leave no room for regret when facing your final life moments?

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Compassion = Forgiveness

I found myself feeling compassion for someone who had continuously hurt me and deeply. It was subtle. It was a slow realization of what their pain might be like, look like, feel like. It was the first time I could actually see their pain through my own.

And then it hit me: this is not about that other person. It is about me and my capacity to forgive and primarily about my capacity to forgive myself. When you can look at a hurt through the eyes of compassion, there is a release, a healing. The veil of grief lifts and you see clearly where your fingertips end and the others' begin, no longer two hands intertwined and twisting in a symbiotic gesture of chaos and pain. And then you recognize that you are whole again, ready to claim your life--the life you are meant to live.

According to Pema Chodron, "Compassion isn't some kind of self-improvement project or ideal that we're trying to live up to. Having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of ourselves, all those imperfections that we don't even want to look at." As we heal, we can look at those parts and feel compassionate for ourselves, forgiving even.

Compassion feels similar to gratitude. Practicing compassion brings peacefulness the same way practicing gratitude brings abundance. There is great abundance in compassion.

What does it look like to feel compassion through your pain?

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Connecting with Purpose

We have one life to live--our own--and we seek meaning through our life. But are we ON purpose? Do we know what unique gifts we offer the world, our world? This quote summarizes purpose nicely: "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman

Connecting with purpose comes from connecting with your passion, that which makes you feel alive and on purpose. It is that place, where when there, time has no measure. It is that place of deep meaning. Purpose is that place of connection with our true self--our authentic self--that feels alive.

Just watch a child sitting on their haunches, staring at a bug in the grass. Notice their presence and their focus. When you call her she doesn't seem to hear. She is transfixed. She remains unaffected by all the distractions that can obscure passion. That child-like quality exists for each of us when engaged in our purpose.

What do you do, that when engaged, time is of no consequence? What passion sparks you to come alive?