Life Cycles and Seasons

Glen Bonnema's Fall Blaze
Change...the changing colors of fall leaves, the harvest, new routines. Although the fall represents a time of transition, the sloughing off of the old as summer fades into oblivion and we prepare for cold and darkness, it is the necessary part of a cycle of renewal.

We must experience that falling away of the old before we can embrace the new. So it is with the cycles and seasons of our lives. The old gives way to the new. Change is born of the death of something familiar. And out of loss comes renewal and rebirth.

Glen Bonnema's The Shimmer Calm

In the stillness, we can process what we need, prepare for what is to come and embrace the unfamiliar until it becomes known. This is how we live. This is how we make meaning of our life. This is how we evolve through the various cycles and seasons of our life.

What does fall mean to YOU?

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