Learning happens in many ways: through the written word, a conversation, being part of an audience or any interaction that simply helps another to learn in a way that integrates their learning style with experiencing the content. Teaching is not always about learning. Teaching often teaches the teacher ("We teach what we need to learn"). Learning is about the learner and it involves the whole learner. But first the learner must show up.

Group Learning Facilitator
My goal is to enlighten, inspire and empower. I want to be part of that journey through your "A-ha," moment, that moment where you get IT. I do this in many ways, but mainly through my humanity. Compassion and understanding help to create a safe learning environment for people in transition. And all people who elect to learn are in transition. I believe that most people have the desire to learn and grow at any age. I also believe that we each have the power to know what we want to learn and when. We must be ready and willing. Then we become able.

Executive/Life Coaching
I help you champion your cause using supportive listening and critical questioning. Exploring your topic and your goals, together we facilitate that transition from where you are to where you want to be. Life is all about transition--something moves us or shakes us up. And this is often how we change something or anything about our lives and our current circumstances. As Dr. Wayne Dyer, the father of inspiration, says: "That is real that never changes...Everything that changes isn't real." (Mastering the Art of Manifestation talk, Montreal, September 24, 2011). Let's prepare to challenge what's real.

Have you ever started applying a bold color to a white wall then stepped back? What were you thinking?

It's your journey--I'm simply here to help inspire and co-create it.

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