Sandwiched between two different priorities? Seeking to make a change and want to know where to start?

Are you in transition around:
  • Job and career
  • Being sandwiched between the diverse needs of your life and those of your parent/relative
  • Relocating or changing your living situation
  • A life loss: empty nest, separation/divorce, relational betrayal, family violence
  • Your routine
  • Co-dependency

Are you a learning professional, adult educator, trainer, teacher or community organizer seeking to enhance your effectiveness in your job?

Through professional (executive) or personal (life) coaching, let's partner to help you:
  • Set goals that move you forward by breaking tasks into bite-sized pieces
  • Set priorities for yourself as you tap into your own attributes and resources
  • Be accountable for your choices while making positive changes for attainable AND sustainable results

Seeking accompaniment on this exciting journey as you explore your dreams and possibilities? Looking towards achieving your personal and professional goals in your quest for growth and change?

Redesign a life that matches your values and live purposefully as you uncover, explore, and exercise your options.

Individual, team and group coaching available via telephone, Skype and chat!

Complimentary 30-minute coaching session!

Call: 514.996.2414
Skpe: cadence7