Growing from Within
 Personal and  Professional Development
  Workshop and Group Coaching Series

Helping each other grow through change

What you can expect at one of Kelly's sessions/workshops...
  • Opportunities for lots of interaction with others
  • Lively small and open group discussions to stimulate thinking
  • Hands-on learning integrating the spirit of play and natural curiosity, that supports your real-world living and working

By facilitating learning from within, I aim to help the learner grow through life transition. My mission is to provide interactive personal and professional development skills learning that empowers individuals to explore their ideas and achieve their goals towards making positive changes in their work and personal lives.
Through hands-on learning break through barriers and build on your existing strengths, talents and resources to cultivate lasting change that leads to personal and professional growth. Leverage what you learn about yourself through transition to not just go through change, but GROW through change!

Want to learn more about...
  • Individual coaching
  • Group/team coaching sessions
  • Videoconferencing seminars and moderation
  • Motivational speaking
  • Fun and highly interactive learning

See sample workshop outlines here...

Then call me for more information about coaching and workshops: 514-996-2414

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