Empowerment Coaching

[Coaching] with Kelly has been a wonderfully positive experience. She is warm and personable and is great at identifying issues and mirroring back comments I make about myself without realizing. Her gentle, non-authoritative approach left me lots of space to propose solutions to my topics, assisted by her helpful suggestions and comments. When discouraged by feelings of having gotten bogged down or losing my path, Kelly would gently steer me back on course again and rather than dwelling on my negative perceptions of the situation, she would emphasize the positive accomplishments and encourage me to do the same! -Graham S., Client


Kelly respects us as intelligent learners. -Customer Service Student, Champlain Regional College

Kelly, you inspired our inner child to come out and play! -Transition to Work Student, NOVA Career Center

She is a model in teaching. -Human Resources Management Student, College de Rosemont

You're a good teacher [and a] good motivator. -The Customer Approach Student, College de Rosemont

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for encouraging me. -Student, NOVA Career Center

Thanks for the advice on how you teach Communications. You have been an invaluable resource to me in my successes. -Former Colleague in Adult Education

Kelly is an engaging and talented presenter who has so much to offer her audience. Her presentation on the Sandwich Generation is one-of-a-kind and allows for a great deal of self-reflection. Kelly has outstanding active listening skills and is able to make each audience member feel like they are at one with her. I would highly recommend her as a Corporate Speaker! -L. Kosatsky, Colleague


Just to let you know that once again GOT ANY HAGGIS? by Kelly Howarth was part of our Burns Night Supper. I played the role of Patron and Peggy was the Butcher, och aye! -Colleen Curran, Montreal Playwright

Just spent a little time on your blog...love it!! It's so positive and empowering. Thanks for sharing! -Colleague

Thank you for your contribution. What a nice article...and so true. Your work is always fun to read, but very thought provoking. I hope we can continue to look forward to your ‘Korner.’ -Former Editor, QALL Newsletter


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