Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Set Your Intention for 2014!

What do you most wish for in 2014? Set your intention and let all your actions flow around what you want to attract into your life for the coming year. Be that intention. All the best to YOU for 2014!

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stop Second-Guessing Yourself and Start Trusting Yourself!

There’s that doubting little voice again, the one that says “Are you sure?” It sneaks up and asks:
  • Do you really want to buy that? (You can always take it back)
  • Are you sure this is the right decision?
  • Is this the right timing for x to happen? 

It’s called the Second-Guesser! The Second-Guesser resides somewhere between our own knowing or inner truth and common sense. Have you ever made a decision or taken a course of action that you revisited--perhaps it was your Plan B as Plan A had fallen through. And you thought: "If only Plan A had worked out..."

Photo courtesy of Morguefile
What makes us second-guess ourselves? Lack of confidence, perfectionism, not wanting to make a mistake. Fear. So we take action and then we revisit that action. I often find myself second-guessing even simple decisions! How can we quell the Second-Guesser? What can we tell ourselves to be at peace with a decision? 

Ask yourself these questions as you revisit a decision:
  1. Did I make my decision with the most clarity of consciousness?
  2. Is this the best decision given the information available to me at the time?
  3. What does the outcome look like?

Now put it away. Stop doubting. Stop second-guessing. Start trusting. And start living!

Need help gaining clarity? Consider Empowerment Coaching—for a complimentary discovery session, call 514.996.2414.