Baring it All

Today I'm wearing pink underwear with green polka dots. Can you see them? NOT! But if I tell you where I live, I may as well be showing off my underwear. We seem to have become a transparent society through the Internet. People show and tell all via various social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. I recently read someone's Facebook page, filled with their summer travels, followed by a post with an open invitation to a summer party, along with their street address. As much as I'd like to believe that people are inherently good, I draw the line at openly sharing personal coordinates on a forum where we just don't know who may be viewing them and for what purpose. I also notice the way proud parents list the names and ages of their minor children, complete with updated photos. It makes me wonder if this is prudent parenting, especially given what we know about predators trolling the Internet for vulnerable children.

While the Internet provides a fabulous tool for promotion and self-promotion, we need to guard our core privacy. That includes the privacy of our littlest ones who cannot speak for themselves. We live in an era where the media glamorizes and popularizes baring it all by the likes of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and countless other celebrities. Some of us may fall prey to utilizing the Internet to carve fame of our own. Let's be real here--how much do we respect these people who display for the world to see, the not-so-flattering aspects of their lives? Learning that Paris has been caught with cocaine is no different to me than reading someone's Facebook entry about going on a drinking binge last night and feeling hungover today. It's just not enlightening.

What are you telling the world about yourself? Is it really what you want people to know? Are you inadvertently showing YOUR underwear?


  1. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for sharing this post. It's a nice reminder! We tend to forget that "privacy" is paramount. We should be mindful that LinkedIn is for professional purposes, Facebook to reconnect with old friends and make new ones without divulging compromising information and blogs, well, they should be fun without inviting the whole world to see your kids and family pics. Certain things should remain kept secret.

  2. Thanks, Claudia for your thoughtful post about maintaining our professionalism through our online presence--a great reminder! Cheers, Kelly

  3. a good reminder. Many people, myself included-do put photos of their kids and names on FB, and do talk about what they are doing/where they are going- but we keep the privacy controls really tight, too- only friends we have allowed to see our pages, see it.

    I don't share my kid's names or where we live on my public blog or on forums, you are right- we need to be careful, the internet is a big place.

  4. Hi Hen Jen: Yes, thankfully now FB has those settings. True what you say about being careful on public blogs, especially Mommy blogs. It's great to share, but we need to balance our private lives with our need to inform others through our lived experiences. The internet has gotten very big indeed.


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