Harness the Power of Self-Coaching

Self-coaching is part self-awareness and part asking ourselves the right questions. It can help us bring clarity to a problem situation as we leverage our own inner resources. We can self-coach at any given moment by asking these key questions:
  1. What is the problem that I’m trying to solve?
  2. What do I need right now? 

How do these two questions bring clarity? Asking them can stop the spinning around an issue you’re facing. You can pinpoint the exact problem by looking at the issue you’re trying to resolve. Then you can reflect on what you need. What you need arises from your core values, what is important to you. Listen to those! If you know what you need, the next logical step is how to get your need met to resolve the problem.

Simple? Let’s apply this to a real-life situation. Recently I discovered that my website was not working properly and therefore likely not being found by potential clients. It was time for an update and one that would integrate my blog with my website. As I researched my options and experimented, scrolling through the myriad of templates and site builders, it was apparent that I would need to spend many hours on this revamp. It was time consuming and stressful! Meanwhile, my website was still down. This was the core issue I was trying to resolve. What I needed was to not get into a long, protracted web design project—my time value! To resolve my main problem and quickly, I decided to use a drag and drop template, and it took only one weekend for my new website (www.infiniteUcoaching.com) to emerge. Problem resolved at a considerable time (and cost) savings!

What issue might you be facing that if you could self-coach, asking yourself these two questions, your path forward might be more readily revealed, thus saving you time and stress?


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