Butterflies and Laundry: Quick, I've Got an Idea!

An idea for a play, a poem, an article, or even a blog entry finds its way to me almost insidiously. I feel ambushed by the need to get my idea on paper. Perhaps I'm falling asleep at night or awaken in the middle of the night or am simply doing a task or activity, and then it hits--the need to write my idea down somewhere and quickly!

Yesterday two ideas came to me prior to falling asleep for a nap as I am fighting a cold these days. I told myself not to reach for my pen, that I would remember these ideas when I awoke a few hours later. Guess what? I only remembered one of the ideas and I spent the rest of the day wracking my brain trying to figure out what the other idea was! Lesson learned. Always write your ideas down when they strike!

A close friend of mine, who is currently writing her memoirs, tells me that she carries a small hand-held device into which she recites her ideas no matter where she is. She even uses it to remind herself that a load of laundry is ready!

And just where do these ideas come from anyway? Friends tell me that they must watch what they say or they may be reading about themselves somewhere. Certainly conversations are wonderful fodder for inspiration. Commercials have the same impact. I find myself watching television commercials in a way I've never done. It's the dialogue, especially since I love to write the dialogue that forms plays. Commercials are great because so much is said in so little time.

Be open to all sources of inspiration. If you like to write, all you need is an idea. The rest will follow. Always ensure that you write or record it quickly, because inspiration is like a butterfly--fleeting. You want to capture it and record it's beauty, then like any good writing release it back into the universe for others to enjoy.

Now I must go bring in that load of laundry I hung yesterday!


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