Of Gratefulness and Gratitude

Have you started your list yet? Not your To Do List, your Gratitude List! In Simple Abundance, Sarah Ban Breathnatch talks about being grateful for the abundance in our lives and she promotes the idea of keeping an abundance journal. This has spawned gratitude journals of many colors by many authors. But you can do this yourself. Start a Gratitude List. It's simple and it's free. For the cost of an empty book from the stationery aisle of your local dollar store, you'll have enough blank pages to fill for many months to come.

Personalize your Gratitude Journal or Book. Make it a running list. Start with the heading "Today I am grateful for..." and then write down those things in your life for which you are grateful. At first, you might find yourself writing about the material items you have, something nice a friend gave you or a thoughtful gesture your partner did for you. Also try to list those little gifts of observation: the butterfly you noticed alighting over a spring flower, or a colorful rainbow you just happened to see while driving. Also remember to note the small gifts you give yourself: taking time to listen to a friend with a personal dilemma, or standing up to someone who was rude to you, or even taking a hot bath. All these little acts represent the abundance in your life that you will attract more of when you take the time to notice and note them.

Abundance thinking can be conscious. I have a mantra, which I learned from creative visualization expert, Shakti Gawain, that I recite to myself when I'm driving. It goes like this: "All that is good is now coming to me easily and effortlessly." And you can replace the words "All that is good" with "Financial abundance" or "My perfect relationships" or ________ (fill in the blank). The book, The Key, elaborates another mantra which is all-encompassing: "I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy." These phrases, recited when we quiet our minds to the negative self-talk that often speaks loudly, have the power to help us increase the abundance in our lives.

Abundance is a curious occurrence. Abundance is an attitude. This may be why the word "attitude" appears in "gratitude." The more you look for and see the abundance around you, the more of it you will attract. And best of all, you will not only come to see the abundance in your life but you will live a life of plenty! Thank you for reading my post. I am grateful for your visit to my blog!


  1. Nice post, Kelly. This post is a coincidence because I happen to have the book "Simple Abundance". It was given to me as a gift in one of my trips to Spain back in 2000. I love this book. It's inspirational and a lot of things mentioned there are true. Unfortunately, I haven't read it in a long time but it helped me a lot when I needed it the most. I guess, I should unearth it from the dead ;-)


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