Writing as a Fingerprint

As no two people's fingerprints are alike, so their writing style is unique as well. It amazes me how 3 people will produce a different piece of writing using the same prompt. We each have our particular writing style and voice that is our fingerprint.

When our writer's group meets for a writing day we bring prompts. Each person's style shines through their writing and the ensuing sharing is truly enlightening. We get to hear the different perspectives. And we come to realize that no matter if a story has been told before, it always differs in the retelling by someone else. If you want to see this in action, visit Sunday Scribblings. This blog posts weekly prompts, inviting readers and writers to share their stories and link back to their own blogs. You'll be amazed at the many unique perspectives on one topic!


  1. It's the beauty of creative writing. There are no carbon copies. Exciting to see the products.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Paul.


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