At Home Learning

Eighteen years ago we embarked on a special family journey and this past weekend I read about it in The Globe and Mail. It was the decision not just to keep our son out of school, but to actually unschool him--let him take the lead in his own learning using life as curriculum. We did this for his entire elementary and high school years.

At the time, I felt like a pioneer of sorts. Today this practice of unschooling or deschooling is becoming more mainstream, and according to this Globe and Mail article, schools are taking notice and learning from it.

It is said that you never regret the things you do, but rather the things you don't do. I have only one regret around unschooling: having second-guessed myself the whole time!

To learn more about our unschooling journey as it unfolded, visit At Home Learning, my web page dedicated to unschooling. If you're unschooled or unschooling, I'd love to hear from you! Tell me about YOUR journey.

Read The Globe and Mail article "More families are deciding that school's out--forever" to learn more.


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