Lists: a Give-Away and Fodder for a Blog Hop!

Lists: Grocery lists, shopping lists, to do lists, invitee lists, checklists, listing pros and cons...Do you make lists?

There exists a legion of listy type books out there, devoted to all kinds of lists, what to list, how to make them, what to make of them. I found one I'd purchased at a second-hand bookstore recently, called Lists to Live By: For everything that really matters (The Third Collection) by Alice Gray, Steve Stephens and John Diest (2001). It's a handy little tome that got me thinking about my life as a list or as a series of lists.

We list things that are important to us. What is important to YOU? Here is a blog challenge. Become a follower here, then send me an e-mail ( with the link to your blog with your creative list post by October 12, 2010. I'll then create a specific blog post, listing each of your links so people can blog hop to read your lists. Some themes to ponder: Self-Esteem Builders, Time Management, Being a good friend. Get creative! There will be no limit to what people can choose to list.

Each person who participates will receive via e-mail, my FREE pdf format Just Do IT To Do List, a tool I created to track tasks and projects.

Happy Listing!


  1. I'm in! I have been making lots of lists lately to keep myself on track. My husband has always been a list maker...He makes lists for everything... and more importantly (to him) crosses things off. So I'm putting my thinking cap on and I'll decide on my list soon.


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