BIG or small?

Upon return from a recent vacation, I had a compelling thought: how small my life is! Something about flying over the ocean, sitting on a beach and spending a week decompressing in a foreign land brought me to the realization that my life is contained. In discussing this with a close friend, her wise words were: "Small is good. Think about all the changes you've made in your life over such a short time."

I did a reality check. Yes, I am home now in what feels like a small life, but is actually big--not because I live large--big because my life fits just right as it grows with me and who I am meant to be. Then I had another thought, which I'll leave you with here...Ask not, Who am I? Ask instead: Who am I meant to be? Then look at your life and simply observe. Are you meant to be BIG or small?


  1. If I'm being who I am it's pretty big. If I'm trying to be someone else, or somewhere else, it shrinks.

    1. Beautifully said, Curmdugeon--your shared insight truly captures the essence of this post! Thank you for stopping by :-))

  2. I've never thought of my life as big or small. I know who I am meant to be because I take control of my life but it's the journey that can be very challenging!

  3. Hi Laura! Great to hear from you! I like that: knowing who I am meant to be because of taking control of your life. Might the challenges make the journey unique? Thank you for stopping by!

  4. I am meant to be very small. I've always believed that the gate to the universe can only be found in the small things. I find pleasure in the small actions of everyday life that actually give value to it: pulling the bed sheets, replacing my book on the night stand, drawing my semi-transparent bedroom curtains, pouring some tea in the cup from my Chinese clay teapot... each of these small actions has become like a ritual, and it contains, to me, the secret to true happiness and contentment.
    You'd love what William of Occam had to say on this matter: "Numquam pluralitas ponenda est sine necessitate": basically, life has to be simple; only necessity can justify complexity.
    Thanks for writing such a nice post!

  5. Hello Jay! Your post and it's timeliness is astounding! Just this morning I was thinking how I want my next blog post to be about The Simple Things in Life...and here you are! You articulate it so beautifully and make "transparent" the notion of the size of one's life as measured by the simple things and more importantly, how the rituals of these small things give our life meaning. Thank you, as always, for your shared insights!


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