Waiting to Worry

A friend sent me a most interesting e-mail...you know, the ones you find in your Inbox with some tidbit of wisdom. This one was different: it was an excerpt from a book called Attitude is Everything by Vicki Hitzges, who talks about the concept of waiting before you start to worry. Isn't that a wonderful idea? You tell yourself that Event A has not yet happened and that you will not worry about it until it does. When it happens, then you can worry! Chances are you'll be too busy handling it to worry about it. Or chances are greater that it will never happen.

Sounds simple and actually simplistic, doesn't it? Much of our worry happens because of the messages we tell ourselves--you know, that little 'nAgative' tape that plays inside our head. The idea to apply this act of detaching from the outcomes and thus from worry, to our every day lives, makes sense. It helps us conserve valuable life energy for what really matters in the present. So next time you're tempted to worry about something, take a deep breath, count to ten...and then shelve it.


  1. I'm with Twain on that one... I've spent half my life worrying about things that never happened... and then a better part of the other half worrying about things that already happened and I can't do anything about. hmmmm there is some good advice in here if only I can put it into practice. Jenn

  2. I like that advice. So often I let worry consume me. Thanks!

  3. Thank you Jenn and septembermom...the reminder is also for myself! We teach what we need to learn. :-))


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