Facing Adversity

Someone told me yesterday what Winston Churchill once said: "When you're going through hell, keep going." How wise! How many of us back down when facing adversity? I know that I would rather crawl under a rock or run and hide in the woods rather than face a difficult situation head on...sometimes. But other times call for us to rise up and walk through the fire. First we put our big toe in and it feels hot so we retract it. But then we dare to step right in because we realize that we cannot go around it, over it or under it; we just have to go through it. It is said that our challenges make us grow stronger. We never really know that until we get to the other side of the problem, do we? It involves so much faith that there's a greater plan. We just need to trust that things will and do work out.


  1. Thanks... this is just the post I needed today.

  2. You're welcome Jenn...Just like I needed to write it as a reminder to myself.

  3. Hi Kelly,
    Great post! I think most of us have a resilient spirit/attitude when faced with adversity. I usually follow my gut feeling or I ask for guidance (whether it's spiritual or human) ;)
    I love the picture you chose. If nature can do it so can we.

  4. Yes, Claudia, we have much to learn from nature in facing adversity. I like what you say about our human resiliency--we were made to bounce back from our challenges and learn from them. How many of us ignore that gut feeling?


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