Giving Thanks

Post Canadian Thanksgiving and I am reminded of the beauty around me and in all that I have. I may not have everything I want, but I know that today I have everything I need. As my little family and two friends assembled around our dinner table yesterday evening for an impromptu Thanksgiving meal, we did several activities in celebration of the day. Between the turkey and the dessert, we took turns saying what we are grateful for in our lives. We each expressed gratitude for the people in our lives and the chance to share a delicious meal together. Over warm maple apple crisp and vanilla ice-cream, we did another activity involving drawing around small symbols on the page, and what these mean for the perception of self, love, security and others impacting our existence. It was a wonderful sharing!

What does Thanksgiving symbolize for you? For what do you give thanks--perhaps not only today but every day?


  1. Thanksgiving for me is a lot of work. I usually host it at my house and have a big crowd... but once the work is done and I sit down to the table I think about how grateful I am for my family... no matter how wacky they are.

  2. I like that last thought Jenn...about the giving even though it's all such hard work.


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