Transitioning Through Change

"Changing to face the strange..." This song aptly describes a process that evokes many feelings in us around life transitions. When we encounter change, we encounter strangeness and face a whole host of emotions. Transition is an amazing journey. It's that point between the familiar and the strange. We're caught in a netherworld, neither here nor there, but somewhere in-between that feels so new and so uncomfortable that it might feel painful. It brings me back to my little child within who faced so much newness once upon a time. She may have had the safety of her mother's skirt to hide behind. Or maybe she was thrust into that change so fast and furiously that the safe haven was whatever space she could create for herself. We learn to adapt in the face of change--such is our resiliency as humans.

We're constantly transitioning through change, negotiating and navigating that unchartered territory of a life journey. We come out on the other side, wiser and hopefully better as we may realize how that change helped us to grow. I believe that there can be no personal growth without it.

How do you deal with change? Is it scary? Do you embrace it? Is it dependent upon whether that change is your choice?


  1. I think that change is often more difficult when it is your choice... When you have no choice you just ride the wave and hope for the best... but change that is a choice can often be alienating and lonely... especially if those around you are stagnate or even resist your choice.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    What an inspiring post! Throughout my life, I've faced changes in different ways. When I was younger I was bold and spontaneous. I was not scared of change. I embraced it. Today, I approach change carefully. I study my options and I dive into my new stage of life with a positive attitude. It's only human to be frightened of the unknown but sometimes these changes are only blessings in disguise. Thank you for a lovely post. I also love your photo. ;)

  3. Thank you, Claudia! Interesting how we embrace change differently through our various life stages as you say. I completely agree with you about changes being blessings in disguise. Although at the time, we might feel so overwhelmed, we may not see it that way.

  4. All the more reason for change, isn't it Jenn?


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