The Price of Serenity

What price would you pay for serenity? Serenity is a place of peace in one's life, and it starts in the mind. A close friend recently left her husband because she loved herself more. She told me that she needed to create a space in her life for herself. Serenity is part of that space. And it has a price. That price is change. Change is the butterfly that morphs into an awesome creature and spreads it's wings to take flight. At some point you look around you and realize that like the butterfly, you've grown through that change. The result, as my friend says, "Is that I am at peace in myself. And there is no price for that."

How do you create serenity in your life?


  1. Dear Kelly,
    As always, your post is so beautiful and inspirational. You're so right, we women sometimes neglect our own peace of mind. We often forget that we deserve serenity in our busy and chaotic life. We are so worth it and there's no price for it.

  2. Thank you, Claudia, and yes, we are so worth it! And we need to remind each other of that. I always marvel at the strength of women and of my women friends in particular. I am blessed to be among such good sisters.

  3. Kelly you are always so inspiring to read. You turned into a beautiful butterfly yourself and i do believe that everyone of us should have our very own set of wings. It is the only way to grow and be all that we can be! Keep writing Kelly, you are an amazing person and i'm blessed to have you as a friend :)

  4. Thank you Line! That feels so good to hear! I love writing and want to reach out and inspire others the way I often feel inspired. I am grateful for your kind words. :-))


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