And the lucky winner is...

Congratulations to Vasilios whose name was drawn from the toe of a striped sock today. You are the lucky winner of one quarter pound of balloons! May you enjoy filling them with water and throwing them at passing buses! Thank you to everyone who took the time to celebrate One Word Pundit's 1st Anniversary with your shares and comments.


  1. Congrats to Vasilios! Unlike him, I wanted the balloons for my cats ;)
    Perhaps another contest I'll get lucky!
    By the way, cute pic!

  2. Tell you what, can have some too! In fact, lets get Vasilios to share. Although, I don't think that balloons are recommended for cats. And that pic comes from Wikipedia Commons, which is a free images sharing site. This is important for us as writers concerned with copyright.

  3. First of all, I'd like to thank The Sock for picking me. Next,I think it only fair that Claudia, who, after all, was responsible for recommending that I become a follower at this blog, be given the winnings. Not only will her cats have fun but this will also keep many bus drivers safe. Beside I have not thrown water-filled balloons at buses. Not for several months now.

  4. Vasilios, it was The Sock's honor. Such a shame, though, that all those grimy buses passing by will not get the benefit of a good cleaning had you opted to claim your prize.

    Claudia, next time I see you--but let's wait for a warm summer day and then fill them with water and... (Do you think Vasilios will come teach us how to target buses?)

  5. Ah, water balloons! *happy sigh* It's a family tradition to have a water balloon fight every 4th of July. Makes me think of summer! Congrats on the anniversary.

  6. Yes, K.M., we need a little glimpse of summer here as the snow melts rapidly into the dirty remnants of winter. Thank you for the reminder that summer is coming.


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