"I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I thank you. And I love you." These four-phrases form a powerful mantra, that when repeated for several minutes each day, provides a cleansing that opens our energies and helps us to overcome resentment, pain and past hurts. Based on the teachings of Dr. I. Hew Len, this affirming string of simple sentences is wonderfully healing, bringing us back to zero as we take 100% responsibility and make amends...

I'd love to hear back from any of my readers who try this.


  1. Hi Kelly,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful video. The images are just amazing :)
    I will like to try this mantra but I'm so stressed and busy during the day that knowing me, I'd probably swear instead of repeating this nice mantra, LOL! :)
    Okay, I won't give up before trying it, I promise!

  2. In Greek, Pono means pain and O pono(s) would mean the pain. Note the video depicts only scenes of Nature, shows no other people and you can see the heart-shape, formed naturally, in several places. I think we need to feel we are part of Nature and be aware of what Nature is 'saying to us' as symbolized by the heart, in order for this mantra to work. It is an individual journey not shared with others. Unique as are we.

    I am not much on mantras or meditation. But as far back as I can remember, I could just slip away in my thoughts, to a deeper me, and in that 'deeper me' find the answers. At that level one discovers right from wrong, is motivated to forgive, remembers not to take others for granted and even comes up with inspirational thoughts.

    Whereas we fast to cleanse our physical bodies, perhaps this is a kind of spiritual fasting that occurs is cleansed.

  3. Hi Claudia: LOL, now that's the Claudia I know and love! You can only try...problem is that we sometimes forget to do what most benefits us when we are right in the moment of stress.

    HI Vasilios: Thank you for pointing out the Greek meaning of "Pono" as pain. It makes sense as we use this mantra to work through our pain, the one that we might have great difficulty forgiving ourselves (and others) for. I also like your notion of spiritual fasting and cleansing. I believe that is the basic premise of this mantra.


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