Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day, a day to celebrate our mothers, grandmothers and any special person who has mothered us. It's a day to celebrate Mother Nature. It's a day to give thanks and be grateful for that omnipresent universal mother who has birthed all life. We each owe our very existence to a mother, someone who brought us into the wonder that is the miracle of our life. Happy Mother's Day to YOU!


  1. Hey thanks, Kelly. And best to you!

  2. As a man who still cares for his mother and remembers her sacrifices and continued support, I risk much in expressing admiration. The social label 'mamma's boy' would be affixed to my forehead regardless of my European 'extended family' values. I believe many women see the viable male as one who has disenfranchised the family nest and who values his potential mate as number one with no number two. That defines a mature and independent man.

    That aside, yes, we are here today because of sacrifices our mothers made beginning months before our entering this world. The title of mom is never retired; not even in physical death. And if the argument of which of the two sexes is superior, it may be argued that it would be the gender that is entrusted with giving birth to a new generation.

    Consequently, Mother's Day is one of two days that celebrates motherhood. The other being our birthdays. As I have, on each birthday, made it a point to give a special gift to my own mother. For giving me life and being my guide into adulthood.

  3. Great picture! Kangaroos can be nasty critters, but I love 'em. Hope your Mother's Day was beautiful and your kids are just as cute as that baby kangaroo. ;)

  4. Hi Beverly: Thank you! :-))

    Hi Vasilios! It is indeed a wonderful thing to appreciate one's mother. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Hello K.M.: Thank you! My Mother's Day was lovely. I would have to say that given my love of the cuteness of kangaroos, my son has competition in the cute department. But as a young man, he is beautiful to me...then again, what can I say, I am his mother! Hope your Mother's Day was great too!

  5. Hey Kelly,

    Thank you for your king thoughts! Happy belated Mother's day to you too! Hugs!

  6. Great to hear from you, Carole! Thank you for the belated Mother's Day wishes! :-))


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