A Year of Firsts

If you've ever had to grieve a loss, you may understand that the first year is the hardest. That first year, with all of its associations and seasons, marks the passage of time as healer. No matter what the loss--a pet, a job, a relationship, an addiction--there is that year of firsts you need to get through and heal through.

Grieving has no time line and you might not know when it ends. It just gets easier and you begin to feel lighter. The cycle completes itself.


  1. The experience of loss is an individual journey, I believe, in how long it takes for that cycle to complete itself. Having experienced loss, from family members to pets to opportunities, my personal experience has been that loss is layered with time, much like a grain of sand within an oyster and eventually a pearl forms. The pearl represents a 'coming to terms' of loss in being compelled to see beyond the pain. To search for a greater understanding of loss is the fuel of creativity.

  2. Hi Vasilios: I just love that image of the grain of sand becoming a pearl! Thank you for sharing THAT pearl of wisdom! And yes, how it all fuels creativity is so true that it can be mind-boggling.


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