The Lazy Days of Summer

Summer is a great excuse for writer's block. So much for the opportunity of time off to write that prize-winning novel! Beaches, sand, sun and sitting on a terrace sipping Sangria all compete with that quiet time and space needed to put thoughts onto the page. So be it! Summer is short. Before we know it, shovels will replace beach towels as snow covers the sand.

There is something therapeutic about digging one's toes into the sand, or walking on a beach as the waves lap at your feet. I was amazed recently by the buzz on Hampton Beach as early as 8 am; people dotted the beach doing activities like jogging, walking and even meditating. It became my routine to power walk for an hour using Nordic walking sticks.

The salt spray and the early morning sun made a heady combination, inciting a euphoric feeling of well-being that set the pace for the rest of the day. I can still hear the ocean's melody of crashing waves!

How are you spending YOUR lazy days of summer?


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