A Path Unfolding

Imagine walking along a path where you cannot see in front of you...perhaps there is fog or haze or dense forest. You push forward. And as you move along the path, sure-footed, but not so sure of yourself, the path unfolds. It opens up to reveal more path, a longer stretch. You keep moving and it keeps opening. You become aware that this is what faith is made of. You begin to realize that you need to trust that the path beneath your feet will be there, level and ready for you. You need only take one step at a time and have faith. This is the miracle of life unfolding. It is the miracle of readiness. When you are ready for the next step, the path unfolds. It's like magic. It's your life. And it doesn't get any better than that. You need only trust.


  1. A path in the forest, what a beautiful allegory, Kelly. For sure I've felt that way many times, and it's only when the path opens that I realize I was meant to walk in that direction. Thanks for such a nice reminder :)

  2. Yes, Claudia, the direction is not always clear or we fight it...it's by moving forward that we are helped. Thank you for your comment.


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