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Awesome...just awesome being in the presence of such a great spiritual teacher and inspirational leader--Dr. Wayne Dyer. Speaking at The Palais de Congres of Montreal last night to a room of 1200 people brought together by Anne Thibault-Berube's Autopoetic Ideas, Dyer's energy at this event was palpable. I took away a clarity that has forever touched my soul and my relationship with my higher self and my Higher Power. It is simply this: I am.

Dr. Dyer makes the writings of great thinkers accessible as he interprets these for us. One of his interpretations last night comes from The "I Am" Discourses (Saint Germain Series, Vol. 3), a small book he read from. Dyer said: "The great presence within you that you call 'I am' is God." The discussion then followed that when you say 'I am...(well, prosperous, content)', you are that, your highest self. Therefore, when we say 'I am tired or not feeling well, or or or...' we are creating that reality, a reality which we also have the power to change.

We heard about the five principles Dyer expounds on in his forthcoming book, Mastering the Art of Manifestation, to be released in March 2012:
  1. Imagination - the greatest gift you've been given
  2. Living from the end - seeing what you want manifest
  3. Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled
  4. Attention - going to 'I am" when the subject matter of something comes up
  5. Now I lay me down to sleep - how our thoughts marinate in our subconscious mind during those 8 hours and the value of applying "I am" in the five minutes before drifting off to sleep at night

Dr. Dyer ended his talk with two very powerful quotes: "When you trust in yourself, you trust in the very wisdom that created you." and "You can either be a host to God or a hostage to your ego."

I am...a host to God and all things that are good in my life. Thank you, Wayne Dyer, for your inspiration and enlightenment along a soul's journey!


  1. Hi Kelly,

    I like that last quote, but I wondering how to be a "host to God" when the ego already has me hostage. I find my ego becomes quite powerful when I'm with someone I don't get along with. In fact, the ego rules most of the time, at least when I'm aware enough to notice.

    Thanks! Rita

  2. Hi Rita:
    Great question! The ego is that one big button that can get pushed, isn't it? Point four of Dyer's five principles addresses just that: when someone brings up a subject for us, one we might have a challenge around, it is time to go to "I am..." and use what I think would be a positive affirmation. For me, it takes much vigilance so that I don't give in to the ego's first and maybe primal response which is to strike back. Thank you for your comment!


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