You wake up and your body elongates in a stretch, pulling each of the muscles out from your core, reaching beyond the space your body occupies. It feels good and limbering. Now imagine applying this concept to your life, stretching beyond your limits and your comfort zone to achieve something more, something greater. What does that feel like?

How can you apply these tips to stretching your life?
Stretching might mean doing a task you normally would not do, like walking up to a stranger and introducing yourself, or beginning a conversation. It might also mean pushing yourself to take action you’d never consider, standing your ground or asserting yourself. It might even mean taking an alternate route to a favorite place. Stretching means getting out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes I’m not even aware that I’m in a comfort zone until I contemplate stretching beyond it. It is that reaching outside of the realm of the known and the comfortable that leaves me questioning, second-guessing and sometimes stalling for time. What really helps in these instances is getting informed. Then I break the task down into small manageable steps, reaching out, and slowly stretching toward something greater, something I envision and then design. That stretch becomes self-growth where the possibilities are endless.

What does stretching beyond your comfort zone mean to you?


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