Nothing is Everything

It's that time again...time to make those New Year's resolutions that, come somewhere mid-January we either forgot we made or forgot why we made them. Oh, and if we do remember, we wonder how to keep them! How about trying something different this year? Don't make any resolutions!

Coach U's The Zen of Attraction aptly says, "If less is more, then nothing is everything." This handy reminder hanging on the bulletin board above my desk goes on to say, among other things: "Promise nothing. Just do what you most enjoy doing...Expect nothing. Just enjoy what you already have; it's plenty...Need nothing. Just build up your reserves, and your needs will disappear...Change nothing. Just tell the truth, and things will change by themselves" (Coach U's Essential Coaching Tools,, 2005).

When you finish doing the above, and if you still choose to make New Year's resolutions, remember to be grateful and express that gratitude to the Universe. Gratitude goes a long way toward attaining more of the good things life provides.

Happy New Year Everyone--may all your goals and wishes for 2012 manifest for you in totally harmonious and satisfying ways!


  1. Lovely post, Kelly. You're right though. We get so excited about writing our goals but we tend to forget by the end of January. That's why in 2010 I only committed to things that were attainable and easy to remember such as writing once a week in my post or reading one book per month. This year I'm doing things differently. I am doing things as they come. I will only go for three major goals which I know are feasible.
    Thank you for all your wonderful posts throughout 2011; they were so uplifting. Keep up the good work!
    May 2012 be filled with love, peace, health, and great friends!!!

  2. Oops, typo: "on my blog" not post. :) damn speedy fingers.

  3. Dear Kelly, for the New Year I usually commit to achieving goals, feasible ones that is. I make a list, a mental one, of all the things I should be able to accomplish by the end of the year in order for my career and my personal life to proceed as I want or dream. Then, I just focus on what I'm doing day after day, reminding myself of my goals from time to time.
    Happy New Year, Kelly!
    May all your 2012 dreams come true!

  4. It's really about living in the moment, appreciating everything you have in your life right now and not focusing on what you don't. Have a wonderful new year Kelly. May your dreams come true for 2012.

  5. Hello Claudia:
    Thank you for your insights...I like what you say about setting only 3 important goals. When we remember that each of those goals has sub-goals, it makes for just enough work. I'm happy to be here in Blog Land with you as we go into another new year. Happy 2012!

  6. Happy New Year Jay!
    What I like about what you say here is the day after day part--it's really doing our best one day at a time, which is all we really need to focus on! Thank you for stopping by and may your 2012 be filled with great gifts!

  7. Hello and Happy New Year to you, Claire! Yes, the living in the moment and being grateful are so important...seeing the glass half full! Thank you so much for stopping by! May YOUR 2012 be just wonderful!


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