Staying Clear with the Universe

Last week a good friend showed me a gorgeous tablecloth someone had made. It's beaded trim and quality material complement its solid craftsmanship and artistry. My friend considered buying it, but wanted it in a different bolder color. I loved the tablecloth and brought it home to see how it would look on my table, thinking that I, too, would have one made in another brighter color.

The tablecloth fits beautifully and the colors blend so well with my decor! So I decided it was mine. And when my friend left I realized I had forgotten to give her the money to pay the creator of this beautiful cloth. Now my check sits written and ready to be mailed or dropped off.

You see...this is about more than the money and paying for what I purchase. This is about keeping my debts clean and clear with the universe. I want this money intentioned for the creator of my tablecloth, set aside and ready because I want the universe to let me keep this tablecloth. It is about integrity--paying what is due so that the universe continues to provide. This is one of the ways abundance shows up in my life.

What debts do you need to clear with the universe?


  1. Oh Kelly it looks so nice on your table. Thanks for the story.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and reading, Dar! :-))

  3. The tablecloth absolutely fits its surroundings!
    As coarse a topic as money can be, there's no better action than compensate with a fair and just amount of money any persons who, in their small and simple ways, can add beauty to this rather uglified world.

  4. Hello Jay!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. This also makes me think about how we value art and culture and the importance of fairly compensating it.


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