Are you parked?

Last summer when I pulled into a church parking lot in New Hampshire to turn the car around, I found myself in front of this sign. I love it!

This has me thinking about where I might be parked in my life at any given time...not moving backward, nor moving forward. Still. Sometimes stillness is good. It gives me the space to contemplate that move forward. Sometimes the stillness feels like being frozen in my tracks: parked. And sometimes being parked feels like forever as I wait to move on. Maybe it's not time to move. Or maybe I see this sign and know in my soul that thou shalt not park here.

Where are you parked in your life?


  1. Great post! In my case, I'm definitely parked as my four tires have clamps (or boot as some people call them). :(
    Well, this only applies to my "career" automobile, LOL! That's why I take my "marital" scooter whenever I want to go for a fun ride and my "BMW" to my day job (Ah, yes, this BMW is not German-made, this is Canadian-made and it stands for Bus-Metro-Walking) LOL!!!

  2. Laughing at the humor in your comment, Claudia! Isn't it great that we can acknowledge the different vehicles for getting where we want to go? Thank you for sharing your insights and your playfulness here!

  3. I shall congratulate those who put that sign. A nice bit of humour can make my day when everything else goes awry!
    Like you said, I love the stillness too and I need to get parked somewhere nice more and more often. There's something comfortable in being parked. My favourite parking spot is back home, where my family is. Wherever I am and regardless of how fast I travel, I'm always parked there.
    Great post!

  4. Hello Jay! Yes, and as I now recall, the drive was having us go through an area that was not planned, but that had been recommended. Great shared insight around parking back home where your family is--thank you!


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