What would you do if you weren't afraid? Really. This question has been popping up all around me this week as I hear the stories of friends and as I consider my own life possibilities.

A common theme is that many of us often feel fear around taking action--fear of failure or fear of success. The difference between those who achieve and those who don't is that those who achieve feel the fear and move forward anyway. If we wait until the fear subsides, we stay stuck in inertia. Those who achieve simply take a risk.

So what would it look like to take a risk and do what you most fear anyway?


  1. Interesting question!
    I always fear taking important steps. I guess we all do. Then I usually move forward anyway. And once I'm in the game, I just say to myself, "Alright, now you're in the game and there's no way back, so you might as well get tough and get going!"
    I usually try to do what Bruce Lee used to suggest. He used to say not to focus on success or failure because doing so might create unnecessary tension. Instead, we should focus on doing what we have to do in that precise present moment. Results will follow anyway, so we just shouldn't worry about results! :)
    Nice post, Kelly!

  2. Hi Jay! I like what Bruce Lee suggests--thanks for sharing that! And your mental self-talk message is perfect: you're in, get tough and keep going! Staying in the moment is actually key, isn't it as the results will naturally take care of themselves? Cheers, Kelly

  3. Dear Kelly,
    For me, it would take a bottle of good chianti to forget about fear or/and success, LOL!!! :D Okay, I'm kidding! I think we're all somewhat afraid. I know I can overcome fear if I put my mind to it. I'll give you an example. I used to be so afraid of flying, but I figured this, not flying meant not knowing amazing places. So I tucked my fear away and started flying. The result: A wonderful experience. So mind over matter works for me ;)
    Thanks for posing this question.

  4. Hello Claudia! Great example! Oh the places you'll go! And yes, it is indeed mind over matter...fear is all in the mind. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Thank you for sharing this example many can relate to!


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