Home Sweet Home

What does "Home" mean to you? A few years ago, I found myself temporarily without a home. This had me question what it was that so deeply made me feel homeless. This feeling radiated out from my heart and into my gut. And it connected to my feelings of love, safety and belonging in the world as represented by my security in belonging in a relationship, family and the family home. This security was shattered and it forever altered how I view the concept of home and my sense of "homefullness."

Today I live in a place of joy and love, a home I've created and reside wholly and fully in. Both my physical and emotional homes support my life in totally harmonious and satisfying ways. And I've come to realize that I was never homeless, but rather, displaced, and forced to find my right home--the one that resides within me--my home sweet home.

What is your sense of home? How does your home support who you are?


  1. I have a very strong sense of home, much stronger than when I was younger. Home is very important for me. My home is a place that resembles who I am. I have always thought that my house would have to resemble me in all my psychological particularities. It's shape, the number of rooms, where the rooms are located, where the house is located. There are a lot of details it has to have. So many I will probably have to have it built according to my own personal guidelines. Just to tell you one, it has to be made of stone, because that's what I'm made of too. And it has to be near the water.
    My home is the womb I always go back to and where I'm protected at all times.

  2. Hello Jay! There's something comforting about home as the womb as you say. Lovely thought of a stone home on the water--what a beautiful reality to create! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Cheers, Kelly


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