Self-Coaching Through Feelings

Ask the questions and the answers will come. One thing I have learned on my journey through coaching certification is self-coaching. At any given time, I can ask myself one of many questions that get me looking at what lies beneath my feelings as opposed to focusing on the feelings themselves. Strong feelings are just that. I am not my feelings--which come and go--constantly changing, positive, negative, and sometimes neutral.

If I remember that my feelings are simply energy, I can view them through a whole different lens. My feelings lose their power and their control over me. I'm learning to stop and ask myself: "Why is this so deeply important to me? Why right now?" The answers often tell me that the feeling is surfacing the fear lurking deep down. Ever notice that we don't question ourselves when we feel good? When we're feeling less than optimal (maybe due to fatigue or stress), it is at these times when no decisions need be made. Simply be. The answers will come. They always do.


  1. There is a thing called 'anchoring'. You associate a strong feeling with a cue, like making an OK sign with your fingers to rouse up emotions like confidence.

  2. I like that Curmudgeon--thank you for sharing this! Cheers, Kelly


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