Dialing Down

A week ago, a dear coaching colleague stated her decision to dial down. It seems that we had somehow gotten into this spin around "What's next?" having finished up our coaching certification process and moved right into coaching and building our coaching practices. I could relate! Here was July, hot and full of restful possibility, and I was chomping at the bit to get moving on promoting my coaching and speaking. But where was everyone? Out playing, that's where!

There is something about summer that speaks to the soul, whispers, in fact, like the gentle breeze that blows on a humid day. It whispers summer reading, time with family and friends at pool, lakeside, cottage and the like. It speaks to the notion of taking it slower and making life simpler. For those of us who toil in cold winter climes the slower pace is mandated by the heat and humidity as we may feel lower energy.

How do you dial down? What does that look like, feel like? And more importantly, how can you make yourself okay with the slower pace? I tell myself that this brief respite only happens here and now--this one time of year when I get to take a true break from the routine. Mid-August comes soon enough with all the hustle and bustle of fall preparations. I simply give myself permission to just BE.

How are YOU dialing down this summer?


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