Your Inner Voice

Humans have this amazing resiliency--this ability to reach within--at times during their darkest hour, to pull out such beauty and insight in order to move forward. We know exactly what we need at any given moment. Our clarity may get waylaid by events going on around us or strong feelings inside us. Yet we all have that ability to go back to baseline--start over--and see through the fog toward what we know is true, best for us, and what we really want.

No one stays mired in the muck for too long. Perhaps all we must do is take a step back. I've done this: stepped out of a situation, taking my space, and lo and behold, the path cleared. I knew what I had to do. The murkiness starts only when I second-guess myself and balk, letting that little Doubter's voice rise above that of my my own Intuition--my inner voice or knowing. It is when I let the path clear that I can hear this voice and move into positive action.

Many of us simultaneously hear the voices of the Doubter and the Intuiter. Sometimes one sits on each shoulder and they argue loudly, squabbling like rival siblings. Sometimes we simply need let them duke it out, keeping our head out of the way as we listen with and to our heart. The heart connects with the Inner Voice, and the heart often triumphs.

How do you identify messages from your Intuition versus messages from the Doubter when faced with a professional or personal challenge? And how do you take the space to listen?


  1. What an insightful post, Kelly. I agree with you. We must step back in order to hear our intuitive voice. Sometimes I am blinded by anger that I can't see clearly. At times, my over-analytical voices drown my intuitive voice and that's when I make bad choices :( Thank you for this helpful reminder. Love it!

  2. Wonderful awareness, Claudia, about how certain emotions affect hearing your intuitive voice. Oh, how we all need this reminder--I did when I wrote about this! Thank you for sharing your comments!


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