My Home, My Story

These days I'm thinking a lot about the concept of home and I'm loving my home as much as I did the first day I moved in two years ago. Is it because I'm canceranian--certainly cancer signs love their homes! Or is it because the cold weather has me hunkering down? My two-year anniversary here marks the celebration of home, of a homecoming: coming home to my self.

When first setting up my new home as part of a huge life transition, my dear childhood friend and shopping partner Pat said: "Only surround yourself with the things you love." Her sage words echoed with each purchase--a paint color, a wall hanging, a lamp, a throw. And slowly, what emerged was me, my style, my sense of home and how a simple thousand-foot space could embody who I am, while supporting my lifestyle.This organized oasis of peace, safety and well-being has evolved to reflect what lies within: my essence and my authenticity. It lays the foundation for my new story. I am truly blessed and grateful for my home and for my homefulness.

How does your home fill you? How can you make your home a true embodiment of your authentic self?


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