Do you ever regret the past?

Recently my dear friend talked about not entertaining regrets. How amazing that as soon as feelings of regret arise, she is able to quickly dismiss them! This made me look at the nature of regret. I had a flash: while I am doing a particular activity, I am not regretting it. So what is it about later reviewing the time or energy spent and regretting in retrospect? Hmmm... If I adopt the view that all in my life is unfolding as it should, where is the room for regret?

One way to not have any regret is to consciously choose our actions and then step back, letting go of control over the outcomes. Know that living in the moment, you made the best choice at that time. Have you ever heard the phrase: "You never regret the things you do, only the things you haven't done?"

What have you not done, which, if you do, will leave no room for regret when facing your final life moments?

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  1. Don't regret past actions, but I definitely regret being stupid in the past. I still don't know if things will turn out alright, it's early to say.
    Which I haven't done but which, if I do, etc.? Enjoy it more.


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