Life Lesson

Is it your place to share sensitive information with another person if you think it may benefit them? I've been in the very delicate position of sharing with a friend how another "friend" was sabotaging one of her relationships. After all, she asked me. It caused so much upheaval and resulted in lots of hurt feelings, mistrust and broken relationships. My vow was to never again be the messenger of such information, even if pressed and even if I felt it was the right thing to do.

Sometimes we want to save someone else from living the pain we have lived. We want to rescue. This is simply not our job. Each person is on his/her own path of discovery and must learn their own lessons. All we can do is take care of ourselves and vow to do better. Live and let live.

When I am minding someone else's business, I am not minding my own. What must I look at in my life? Where must I put my energies and attention in order to move forward? There is no shortage of life I must take care of on my side of the fence. All I can do is live my own best life.

It comes down to that fine line between being really honest and minding your own business. There are ways to empower the person asking you for information, without getting involved yourself.

Have you ever meddled in someone else's life only to have it come back on you? How are you living your best life?

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  1. Oh boy! Yes, I tried playing cupid two years ago and it backfired. I just wanted to join two lonely souls. As a result, I lost a friend and I almost lost the second one. After that incident I vowed never to play cupid. It was a good lesson. That's why we have life coaches like you, right? Somebody can ask you for advice. I am not an expert on the field ;)


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