Just sit with it

Have you ever wanted to make a decision while you were feeling emotional? Have you wanted to reply right in the moment when anger, sadness or even happiness were the lens through which you would do so? This post is about sitting with it...sitting with the situation that arises and taking the space and time away from that situation to give yourself the gift of clarity. Answers will come; they always do.

Recently I found myself spinning around a situation that clearly did not belong to me. The old fixer in me was rising up and out, ready to resolve as I found myself back in that dynamic of wanting to make everything better and okay for the other person. I was emotional and spinning around a situation I did not cause, cannot control and certainly cannot cure. The raw emotion and pull I was feeling had me wanting to "do something" and on top of it, I was in the middle of a full schedule in my own life that my emotions were preventing me from being truly present to.

There are so many things you CAN do when you want to reply, promise or decide:
  1. Go inward and focus on what's coming up for you.
  2. Detach with love and see yourself as separate from the person, place, thing or situation to which you want to respond.
  3. Focus on yourself--what can you take care of in your own life where putting that attention in the now will make the greatest difference?
  4. Do something physical such as exercise or dance it off to some favorite music. Movement shifts energy.
  5. Just sit with IT (In fact, give IT a chair of its own)...and get on with your own life!

This simple prayer offers so much around stepping back as you sit with something...
Dear God/Higher Power/Universe:
Bless the other person, change me.

What are some ways you step back from replying, promising or deciding right in the moment that work for you?

Finding it challenging to take that step back from a situation while you're in it? Empowerment coaching can help you to look at what's coming up. For a complimentary discovery call, contact me: 1.514.996.2414.


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