A Life in Balance

Life balance can be precarious and delicate. This topic is often on the minds of many of us as we strive for greater work-life balance, seek to minimize stress and look to lead a happy life.
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Here are some points to ponder:
  • How does your life measure up?
  • How are you holding yourself back from balance?
  • What common behaviors and actions can cause imbalance and complicate your life?
  • Structure your professional and personal life to avoid burnout, improve physical and emotional well-being, improve the quality of your relationships, create 'me time' and make room for personal development
  • De-clutter all aspects of your life
  • Uncover those unnecessary tasks, responsibilities, habits, thoughts and behaviors that cause stress in your life
  • Analyze what these are costing you (in time, energy, money)
  • Make a plan to streamline your life and create 'white space' in your agenda

A client attending my group coaching session on work-life balance recently said that "no" is also something to think about when considering life balance. Know that "No." is a complete sentence. I often ask my coaching clients: What do you have to let go of (say "No" to) in order to attract more of? 

This impacting 7-minute video illustrates balance as being contingent on a feather. What does this video tell us about life balance? How does this balancing act resonate with your own quest for life balance?

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