Ten Tips for Success in Business

At MoMondays Montreal this week, Montreal Entrepreneur and Author, Herman Alves, talked about his illustrious career in business, giving ten tips for success. Basic, yet true, these tips serve as a reminder to those of us in the trenches of self-employment and entrepreneurship:
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  1. Everything is possible
  2. You need a burning desire to succeed
  3. Have a destination - the route is both strategic and tactical
  4. The two E's: Emotion and Energy (Think Passion)
  5. Be willing and able to take risks
  6. Cultivate the attitude of a missionary (Do what you love and believe in and the money will follow)
  7. Do it NOW
  8. Be proactive
  9. An action creates a reaction - we never do anything for nothing.
  10. Be creative and set yourself apart

How do these tips resonate with you? What is your business success story?

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  1. Today, every business owners would like to become successful in their business and being a successful businessman. Dealing with business in positive attitude and to be able to take risks in business these things must have in businessman to forward business at success goals.


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