Decisions, Decisions

Do you ever find yourself in that space where you just cannot decide? You have a decision to make, however large or small and you feel stuck. There's so much resistance, like trying to move through mud. You simply can't decide! Similar to being in a candy store and presented with a myriad of colors, shapes and tastes--they all appeal--yet you can only choose one! Sometimes making a decision feels this way. I've come to realize how perfectionism often gets in the way of deciding. Rather than deciding wrong, I don't decide at all. The problem is that perfectionism can result in losing out on opportunities.

What to do...? (But don't take too long to decide!)
  1. Ask yourself if the weight of not deciding is worth the stress you're experiencing
  2. Just let it go--decide not to decide
  3. Ask yourself "How important is it anyway?"
  4. Give yourself a deadline and decide by then--be accountable to someone else
  5. Just do it--take the action that you need to take without over-thinking or over-analyzing
  6. Realize that there are no wrong decisions; only opportunities for learning and growth
  7. Recognize that even perfection is imperfect and that we are all perfect in our imperfection (While you're deciding, say that fast ten times!)

What do you need to decide on, that if you do so right now, you will feel lighter for having made the decision? Who can hold you accountable?

Coaching can help you decide--I can help you to be accountable. Call 514-996-2414 to learn how!


  1. Hi Kelly,
    #4 applies to me. I always give myself some deadline, that is, I'll sleep on it before making a decision. I still have to learn about #5 (although it's so hard).
    Hmmm #7 is debatable. Without being TOO philosophical here, I think there's no gray areas here. There's either perfection or imperfection when it comes to certain things. God is Perfection. Humans are not.
    Thank you for another thought-provoking post.

  2. Oh yes, Claudia...need to add a #8 about sleeping on it, especially when tempted to make a decision based on raw emotion. The over-thinking part can be challenging because it can be so difficult to turn the thinking OFF. And yes, isn't it wonderful that we are not perfect as humans? Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights!


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